Our Mission

Our mission is to generate great ideas that transform cardiovascular care – to restore cardiovascular health, reverse cardiovascular aging, and regenerate cardiovascular tissue.

Our Research

The Center for Cardiovascular Regeneration focuses on the discovery of new insights into the biology of cardiac and vascular repair. We bridge Houston Methodist’s clinical expertise in managing cardiovascular disease with our translational research strengths in vascular regeneration and inflammatory signaling, myocyte function and electrophysiology, computational biology, nanotechnology, RNA biology and therapeutics. The center discovers and develops new mechanisms and methods for cardiovascular repair and regeneration based on fundamental insights into the determinants of cardiovascular plasticity, reprogramming and aging. The center also performs preclinical translational studies and early-stage clinical research toward novel regenerative care.

Collaborating Faculty

Longhou Fang, PhD

Nhat Tu Le, PhD

Daniel Kiss, PhD

Daniel Kiss, PhD

Francisco Altamirano, PhD

Francisco Altamirano, PhD

Anahita Mojiri, PhD

Li Lai, PhD

Roman Sukhovershin, MD, PhD

Research Outputs


Cooke Lab, Houston Methodist Research Institute
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Houston, Texas 77030

Phone: 713.441.8322
Web: cooke.hmailabs.org